Art Galleries

Galleri Blå

Galleri Blå - a meeting place for those who appreciate exciting and interesting art.​​​​​​​

Galleri Krogen Amerika

Is located in the same location as "Krogen". Krogen is a workshop where the artists work with woodcuts, copper graphics, photo-based etchings, lithographs and computer graphics.


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Galleri Magnifik - Missionskyrkan

Eight times every year the upper floor in Missionskyrkan changes. The shape of the walls are then being changed, and all visitors are greeted by new images, new ways of expression.
vy från utsidan av galleriet innehållande en mängd tavlor

Galleri Melefors

We offer art from both inside and outside Sweden, in close collaboration with the art market, artists, private individuals, companies and art associations.

Galleri R

Gallery R has 6-8 exhibitions per year with paintings, watercolors, sculptures, glass and graphics made by both Swedish and international artists.

Galleri Vreta Kloster

Gallery Vreta is a new gallery in Linköping. It is located 10 km north of the city, near Göta Kanal.


At the Passage Art Gallery in Linköping we create meetings and exchanges between people, art and artistic processes