Churches and monasteries

Askeby kloster

Askeby Kloster is a ruined convent, which has long been relatively unknown even though it is right next-door to the cathedral city of Linköping.

Kaga kyrka

Kaga Kyrka is a picturesque 12th-century church built by King Sverker the Elder. The church is richly decorated with paintings.
interörbild där du ser domkyrka

Linköpings Cathedral

Linköping Cathedral is the most impressive and expensive Swedish church building of the Middle Ages.
 S:t Lars församling

S:t Lars kyrka

St Lars Church is right in the middle of Linköping, on the corner of Storgatan and St Larsgatan.
Vist kyrka

Vist kyrka

The first stone church on this place was built in the 1350's and then another one in 1745. That church was destroyed in a fire in 1961. The present church was opened on Easter Day 1965.
 Vreta kloster

Vreta kloster

Vreta Kloster was founded as a Benedictine nunnery. Today remains partially reconstructed ruins and the church , Vreta klosters kyrka.
Vreta klosters kyrka

Vreta klosters kyrka

Vreta Klosters kyrka is one of the most interesting medival churches in Sweden, built in the 12th century.