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Welcome to our guide tailored to ensure the success of your cycling excursion in Linköping. Here you can explore cycling maps, discover the nearest bike rental services, or gather information about different cycling routes. Everything essential for a splendid cycling experience in Linköping is conveniently available here!

Cycling stands out as the most efficient and convenient mode of transportation in Linköping. With approximately 500 kilometers of cycling paths, including 100 kilometers maintained throughout winter, the prospects for a successful cycling adventure are remarkably promising. The city’s cycling lanes offer immersive natural experiences, gradually leading to the scenic beauty of Östgötaslätten, regardless of the direction you choose, even in varying weather conditions.

Cycling Maps in Linköping

Both visitors and residents can greatly benefit from the cycling maps available for download via the links below or by obtaining them from any of Linköping’s Infopoints.

Linköping Municipality Cycling Maps: Download the maps here.

Linköping Municipality Cycling Route for Stångåstråket: Download the map here.

Explore the City of Oaks by Bike or on Foot: Download the map here.

Additionally, through the link below, you’ll find a map providing valuable information for your cycling excursion. From parking spots to bike shops, bike rentals, and locations to pump your bicycle tires, these are just a few of the things you can discover on the map.

You can access the map here!

Skyltar som visar riktningarna mot Berg och Borensberg

Bike rentals in Linköping

If you don’t have your own bike, there are bike rental options available both in central Linköping and at Bergs Slussar during the summer season.

Summer Bike Rental at Bergs Slussar

Bike rentals are offered through Kaffeteriet at the tourist information center in Berg Slussar, Oscars Slussar 1. Open during the summer season.

Contact for booking: +46 (0)707-565561 or

Visit website here.

Summer Bike Rental in Linköping City

Mickey’s Strandfik

Contact for booking: +46 (0)70-5925957 or

Visit website here.

Cycling routes: Östgötaslätten and Lake Roxen


A cycling tour across Malmslätt – Vikingstad – Västerlösa – Ledberg – Berg presents an ideal route for those seeking to explore the scenic Östgötaslätten. Starting in Malmslätt, you can visit the Air Force Museum, a popular attraction in Linköping well worth a stop. Continuing your journey through Vikingstad, Västerlösa, and Ledberg allows you to experience Östgötaslätten at its finest. In summer, the expansive yellow rapeseed fields create a picturesque landscape, adorned occasionally by church spires. With the flourishing plains as your backdrop and the modern city on the horizon, you traverse along the roads. The wind? It’s a constant companion, but fortunately, there’s often a tailwind to assist your journey.

Conclude your excursion at Bergs slussar (Berg’s Locks) and explore the largest lock area along the Göta Canal, attracting thousands of visitors annually. Here, numerous cafes and restaurants await to replenish your energy after the cycling adventure.

Cyklin väster om stan

Lake Roxen

For the more adventurous, there’s always the option of cycling around lake Roxen. This entails a 90-kilometer varied cycling route. From Linköping heading north via Berg, you’ll continue along the entire northern side of Lake Roxen. Expect significant elevation changes amidst breathtaking scenery. The southern side of the lake offers a smoother ride, allowing cyclists to pick up speed as they approach the city, relishing the flat terrain.

Cykla i Linköping

See & do

The Göta canal trail

The Göta canal trail

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Vandra i Linköping - Kinda KanalVandra i Linköping - Kinda Kanal

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Hike without taking the car
Kajaktur i LinköpingKajaktur i Linköping

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Kayaking in Linköping
Cykeltur längs med Göta kanalCykeltur längs med Göta kanal

Nature experiences

The Göta canal trail

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