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Through Linköping municipality runs the Göta Canal route, offering stunning views and numerous loevly spots to discover along the way. On this page, we’ve gathered the information you need to embark on a cycling excursion along the beautiful Göta Canal.

Two sections of the Göta Canal path pass through Linköping: section 5 and 6. Section 5 stretches between Berg and Borensberg, while section 6 runs from Asplången to Berg. Further details about these respective sections can be found below.

Section 5: Berg – Borensberg

Starting at Bergs Locks, you can explore Göta Canal’s largest lock area before embarking on your cycling journey, including the Carl Johan lock staircase with its seven interconnected locks. Around Bergs Locks, there are cafes, restaurants, a bathing area, adventure golf, and accomodation available.

The entire stretch from Berg to Borensberg follows a gravel path free from car traffic, making it very suitable for families. Here, you may encounter sheep grazing along the Göta Canal who maintain the open landscape along the waterway.

During the bike ride, you’ll pass through the community of Ljungsbro, home to Cloetta chocolate factory outlet. In Ljungsbro, you’ll also find grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes. Other nice stops along the way include Malfors café and restaurant, Ljungs Castle, Brunneby Musteri, and upon reaching Borensberg, the historic Göta Hotel awaits for dining or a restful night’s sleep.


Cykeltur längs Göta kanal

Section 6: Berg – Asplången

The sixth section of the Göta Canal trail either begins or ends at Bergs Locks, an attraction drawing thousands of visitors annually. At the outset of your cycling journey, consider a detour to the Vreta Kloster Church and monastery ruins, one of Sweden’s most intriguing medieval churches and the country’s oldest known monastery dating back to the 1100s. It’s definitely worth a stop!

From there, cycle towards Linköping, traversing bike paths on the city’s outskirts en route to Norsholm. Here, you have the option to take a trip into central Linköping, which offers a wide array of services including diverse restaurants, museums, shops, and accommodations. While there, take the oppertunity to bike ride along the Kinda Canal (commonly known as Stångån) and experience one of the favorite walking and cycling routes among Linköping locals.

Upon reaching Norsholm, discover a lockside café and Kapten Bille’s, featuring a hostel, restaurant, mini-golf, and canoe rentals. Along the way from Norsholm, you’ll pass through the picturesque Brådtom, home to a café and accommodation within the old lockkeeper’s cottage.

Arriving at the Hulta Lock, you have the option to take a boat with your bicycle due to the lack of a suitable road connection past Lake Asplången. The boat operates during the summer season, and tickets can be booked here.

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