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Hiking in Linköping

Looking for places to hike? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In Linköping, there’s an array of hiking trails waiting to be explored. Discover beautiful vistas, lakes, and natural wonders including the Kinda Canal, the Göta Canal, and the stunning oak landscapes that are perfect for hiking excursions.

Linköping’s most popular hiking trails

There are many trails to hike in Linköping that will give you a wide variety of oppertunities to experience nature and to get a better view over the routes and trails that both visitors and locals love the most, we have put together a list of the most popular trails in the municipality.

Hike Östgötaleden

You don’t need to be an experienced hiker to embark on the Östgötaleden trail. The key essentials are a pair of comfortable shoes, hydration, and a packed meal. Several stages are well-equipped for disabled access. Accessing the various starting and ending points is easy via public transportation – if you don’t have a car.

Within Linköping municipality, there are 115 kilometers of the Östgötaleden trail, traversing diverse landscapes including plains, canals, magnificent oak forests, pasturelands, and hilly woodland areas toward the southern region. These hikes offer abundant opportunities to observe and learn about nature and culture.

You can find the map and more information here.

Rängen runt

Hike along Göta Canal

Discovering Göta Canal can be done not only by boat but equally well on foot. Along your journey, you’ll traverse idyllic small towns and villages amidst diverse landscapes rich with culture. Hiking here is a year-round activity, yet to experience the picturesque boating life with leisure and cruise boats navigating the locks, the summer season is optimal. Göta Canal offers ready-made hiking packages bookable through their website, combining dining, accommodation, and hiking in one luxurious package.

A perfect day hike in close proximity to Linköping is the 21-kilometer stretch between Berg and Borensberg. The trail follows a car-free gravel road along the Göta Canal. This is an easily walkable route, bordered by stunning trees traversing an inviting and beautiful landscape rich in natural settings and cultural landmarks. During summer, sheep, horses, and cows graze in the fields along the way. Don’t miss the perfect stop for stocking up on treats at Cloetta’s chocolate shop in Ljungsbro! Extend your stay and overnight options are available at hostels in both Ljungsbro or Berg.

This hike also follows the same trail as the pilgrimage route, Birgittaleden.

For more information and a map, click here.

Drone photo of Göta Canal

Hiking along Kinda Canal

Opting to hike the Kinda Canal, you’ll encounter diverse landscapes and several locks where you can witness the spectacle of boats navigating varying levels. Depending on your chosen direction, Nykvarn Lock is either the first or last along the route.

You’ll encounter several noteworthy spots along the way, including the Tannefors Locks. Here, three lock chambers with a 10.5-meter difference in level constitute the closest lock stop to Linköping city. Take a break at the popular Tannefors Café, where during the summer, you can indulge in a delectable seafood buffet – delicious!

If you have your own provisions, we highly recommend a picnic stop at the Hovetorp Locks nestled within the oak landscape, boasting the canal’s highest level difference across four chambers, measuring 15.8 meters. Just take a look at the image captured at these locks – who wouldn’t want to hike alongside this tranquil water and serene nature? While in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the ‘Rängen Runt’ trail adjacent to the Kinda Canal area! Beyond breathtaking scenery, this trail leads to standout attractions like Stafsäter Farm Ice Cream, the beautiful Bjärka-Säby Castle (offering retreats), and the lakeside Vårdnäs Stiftsgård with overnight accommodation options.

Vandring vid Hovetorp sluss

The Birgitta Pilgrim Trail

The Birgitta Trail is a pilgrimage route weaving together aspects of Saint Birgitta’s life, bridging past and present. Saint Birgitta has been named one of Europe’s three female patron saints, alongside Edith Stein and Catherine of Siena.

Embark on your pilgrimage from Linköping Cathedral or any other point you choose along the Birgitta Trail. Starting at the Cathedral in Linköping offers a four-day, 81-kilometer hike filled with new experiences and impressions – but most importantly, opportunities for reflection and tranquility. Östergötland’s open landscapes offer fertile plains, lakes, the Göta Canal, numerous monasteries, and churches. At Linköping Cathedral, you can receive a pilgrim’s blessing if you attend a regular service and speak with the priest before the service. Along the Birgitta Trail, there are ample places to stop and rest, including hostels, guesthouses, hotels, as well as plenty of grocery stores and restaurants.

Upon reaching Vadstena, you’ve reached the culmination of the pilgrimage. If you inform the Pilgrim Center in advance of your arrival, you will be received with a prayer of arrival. Additionally, you’ll receive a pilgrim’s certificate indicating your completion of the Birgitta Trail. You can conclude your pilgrimage at the Monastery Church, where Birgitta’s reliquary is housed, or at the Saint Birgitta Church in the Bridgettine Sisters’ Pax Mariae Monastery.

Along the Birgitta Trail, you can also walk or cycle on easily navigable roads and take a canal boat between Vreta Kloster/Berg and Borensberg on the Göta Canal. The trail is not marked in the terrain; instead, you’ll follow downloadable maps and directions. These resources also include meditations and lodging tips along the way. The trail is accessible via public transport at multiple points.

For more information and maps, click here.

Vandring längs Göta kanal

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Hike without taking the car

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