Castles and manors

Vy över Ekenäs slott med lummig grönska

Ekenäs slott

Ekenäs Slott is a genuine fairytale castle, dating back to the 17th century.
Innergården med besökare av Linköpings slott

Linköpings Slott

The oldest parts of Linköping Castle stems from the 1100s and the castle is the oldest secular building in Sweden.
Ljungs slott

Ljungs slott

Ljung Castle was built by the von Fersen family in 1774. The building is well preserved and regarded a good example of the style of the Gustavian era.

Stjärnorps slottsruin

Stjärnorp manor ruins are ruins of a 17th-century manor of the northern shore of Lake Roxen. The manor burned down in 1789 and the main building was never restored.
Sturefors slott

Sturefors slott

Sturefors Castle by Lake Ärlången belongs to the Bielke family. It is a three storey building with wings, constructed in 1704 by Tessin the younger for Carl Piper.