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Kinda Canal

The Kinda Canal flows peacefully through the lovely Östergyllen. From the oak woodlands and broad plains in the north to the picturesque forest district in the south. A distance of 43 nautical miles – or about 80 km, if you prefer. 

The Kinda Canal, with its lake system, is an incredible nature adventure for the whole family. You’ll cruise through narrow, verdant canals and broad lakes like Roxen, Rängen, Järnlunden and Åsunden. Among the islands and shorelines you’ll find cosy camping spots, secluded bays perfect for swimming and ideal launch places.

Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum - Summertime

When history dramatically unfolds

During Summertime, (end of June to mid August), we offer a wide range of activities for our visitors, both young and old. Visit all the museums and shops, go for a ride in a horse-drawn  carriage, try traditional crafts, meet our street actors, see then blacksmith at work and much more. Activities take place in the town quarters and at Valla farm.


Flygvapenmuseum, the Swedish Air Force Museum, is a modern technical and cultural history museum with exhibitions that trace the development of military aviation from the pioneers of the early 20th century to the present. It offers a unique collection of aircrafts, many of which can only be seen at the Swedish Air Force Museum.


The Right of Public Access

The Right of Public Access gives everybody the freedom to roam the Swedish countryside. But there are some things you must keep in mind when you are out walking, camping, climbing, picking flowers or doing something else in the countryside.

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Linköpings Cathedral

For almost 800 years people have been coming to worship and pray at Linköping Cathedral. Work on the Cathedral was started in 1230, with the main building works being completed in 1520. The belfry and the west façade were added in 1885. Linköping Cathedral is the most impressive and expensive Swedish church building of the Middle Ages. Within the church you can see evidence of almost 800 years in which master craftsmen have expressed their faith in wood and stone. Today, Linköping Cathedral still stands at the heart of the Diocese and is a focus for the regular worship of God. Its magnificent spire (107 metres) still dominates the thriving city of Linköping and the Cathedral together with the community is moving confidently into the twenty-first century. The seat of the Bishop. For information and booking of tours in English please call +46(0)13-20 59 23.


Berg locks - Göta Canal

The Berg Locks are Göta Canal’s biggest attraction – the Carl Johan staircase, with its 7 connected locks.  It is quite a performance to see the boats navigate the stairs, fascinating many spectators. If you are lucky you may see one of the vintage canal boats Wilhelm Tham, Diana or Juno negotiating the locks.

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Astrid Lindgren´s World

Meet Pippi Longstocking, Emil in Lönneberga and Karlsson on the roof. Visit Mattisborgen, Bullerbyn or Bråkmakargatan. Here in Vimmerby in Småland you will meet most of the characters and settings that Astrid Lindgren wrote about. Play and run around, experience well-known scenes from the books and be a part of the popular stories.

And on 17 June 2016, a new chapter will be written at Astrid Lindgren’s World. Then there will be new hope for the people of Wild Rose Valley and you will be able to hear Katla’s roars from Mount Karmanjaka or listen when the traitor Jossi keeps court at Guldtuppen restaurant in Cherry Tree Valley. In the two green valleys, those who are brave enough to fool Tengil’s soldiers can join in the adventures from morning to night, side by side with Skorpan, Jonatan, Sofia, Mattias and the others.
Welcome to a time of fairy tales and campfires!

Where: Vimmerby
Distance from Linköping by car: 100kms – 1hr 30min.
Homepage: www.alv.se

Kolmården Wildlife Park

At Kolmården you can see wild animals from every corner of the world – an animal park that is filled with exciting experiences for all ages. You can ride the cable car, the savannah abundant with wild animals stretching out beneath you, come scarily close to the tigers in Tiger World, experience a magic dolphin show and much more. For children there is Bamse’s World which takes you on a breath-taking tour on Godiståget (the Sweet Train), you will visit Bamse Bear at home and can also go on Bamse’s Adventure Walk in the animal park. 

There are is a lot to experience at Kolmården Wildlife Park, here are som suggestions:

The Safari gondola lets you experience wild animals at incredibly close quarters in a way that’s not possible in any other wildlife park on earth. Glide weightlessly above the landscape, listing to the wind singing in the treetops, while bears, moose, giraffes and lions roam below you.

Marine World and the World of Bamse include lots of fun rides for kids. Two thrilling roller coasters, two rocking ships and cars on rails, to name a few. Our youngest visitors will enjoy Bamse’s honeypot merry-go-round. Wildfire, Sweden’s best-ever roller coaster, makes its debut in 2016.

Informative displays
As you make your way around the park, you’ll encounter keepers demonstrating how they feed and train the animals and look after their surroundings. Learn more about the great animal characters who live here, the various species and how the park works. Featured species include bears, meerkats, animals of South America and tigers.

Your admission fee covers all the attractions.

Where: Immediately north of Norrköping.
Distance from Linköping by car: 70kms – 50min.
Homepage:  www.kolmarden.com


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