Astrid Lindgren´s World

Meet Pippi Longstocking, Emil in Lönneberga and Karlsson on the roof. Visit Mattisborgen, Bullerbyn or Bråkmakargatan. Here in Vimmerby in Småland you will meet most of the characters and settings that Astrid Lindgren wrote about. Play and run around, experience well-known scenes from the books and be a part of the popular stories.

And on 17 June 2016, a new chapter will be written at Astrid Lindgren’s World. Then there will be new hope for the people of Wild Rose Valley and you will be able to hear Katla’s roars from Mount Karmanjaka or listen when the traitor Jossi keeps court at Guldtuppen restaurant in Cherry Tree Valley. In the two green valleys, those who are brave enough to fool Tengil’s soldiers can join in the adventures from morning to night, side by side with Skorpan, Jonatan, Sofia, Mattias and the others.
Welcome to a time of fairy tales and campfires!

Where: Vimmerby
Distance from Linköping by car: 100kms – 1hr 30min.