Outdoor life

In the countryside you will find experiences to stimulate your senses, such as fresh-air smells or amazing vistas to please the eyes. Outdoor activities combine relaxation with action no matter what your preference. Below you will find information on walking, cycling, kayaking and fishing in and around Linköping.

If you want to read more about the beautiful countryside around Linköping or the walking trails, please go into: naturkarten.se. To know what you may or may not do in the countryside you can read more on “allemansrätten” (right of public access) http://www.naturvardsverket.se/Var-natur/Allemansratten/

Två personer som paddlar kajak genom en sluss i Linköping

Canoe and kayak

There are several opportunities to canoe or kayak in Linköping. Town-paddle, take a longer tour with a guide or create your own kayaking package. You can also combine a trip out on the lake with nearby accommodation. Happy amateur or avid enthusiast ...

Picture of a lake in the sunset


The Rängen Lakes, Lake Järnlunden, Lake Roxen, Lake Ärlången, Kinda Canal and Göta Canal. All of these are waterways in and around Linköping, offering opportunities for good fishing.

Free angling for private individuals. Note that this applies only ...

By Bicycle

In Linköping there are many opportunities to get out on a bicycle. There are good cycle tracks both in and outside the central parts of the city. The cycle tracks lead you out into the terrain and the countryside. For cycle paths in central Linköping ...