Bjäsäters Kvarn

Bjäsäters Mill in Stjärnorp mill is a mill of turbine operation. At the mill there is also a forge, a mill stables,an agricultural museum and a herb garden. If you want to see the mill, please contact Inger Petterssonat +46 (0)13-61112. It will also be open on the association's mill day in the end of September .

Datamuseet IT-ceum

Welcome to IT-ceum, the Swedish Computer Museum. Our exhibit presents the central events in Sweden´s computer history. A major goal with this exhibition is to demonstrate the need for a national cultural institution, whose task is to document, preserve, and describe the Swedish IT-history.

It-ceum´s perspective is not only historical, though. IT-ceum will be an arena where topics like research into the history and technology of computers as well as visions of the future are addressed. IT-ceum will also be an educational resource, in an environment where the future is being created.



This is a place where you learn to understand everyday phenomena such as optics, the human body and electricity. To test yourself, and to see that what seems complex might still be quite simple. Exhibits and experiments are in a barn. Some holidays there is also a section with live animals, such as snakes, lizards and other reptiles open.


Flygvapenmuseum, the Swedish Air Force Museum, is a modern technical and cultural history museum with exhibitions that trace the development of military aviation from the pioneers of the early 20th century to the present. It offers a unique collection of aircrafts, many of which can only be seen at the Swedish Air Force Museum.


Kanalmuseet i Brokind

In a small outbuilding at the Brokind lock, the association Kinda Kanals Vänner and Kanalbolaget compiled the tools from the construction of the canal, as well as photographs, drawings and sketches.

Kornettgårdens samlingar och café

Kornettgården is a private museum that consists of built-up environments with many thousands of everyday items from days gone by. From the 1800s to the '60s! There one can see e.g. an old general store, an old-fashioned kitchen, the radio business, 50-60´s cafe and lounge and kitchen, classroom, shoe factory, as well as cameras, phones and much more. Now there are collections with a men's and ladies' hairdresser from 50-60´s. 
Located between Flistad and Klockrike.

Linköpings Slotts- & Domkyrkomuseum

An exciting Medieval Museum in central Linköping. See the hidden Bishop tower from the 1200s and Linköping Cathedral's unique treasures. The museum describes the castle and Linköping Cathedral development from the 1100s up until the Renaissance.

Linköping Castle and Cathedral Museum is housed in Linköping Castle, which originally was built as a bishop farm, whose oldest parts are from the late 1100's. Here you can step into Bishop Bengt tower that was built in 1286 and still today remains completely intact in the castle walls.

The treasure chamber on the second floor,  you can see a part of the Cathedral's stunning silver items and unique textiles. The oldest of which are manufactured by Birgitta sisters in the 1400 and 1500s. Up on the third floor we meet a 1:20 scale model of the castle.

Larger events for the conference or, or groups of 70 people or fewer in a unique environment.

Seated diners 60 people
Lecture 70 people
Theater / Music 60 people


Museihuset is Scandinavia's biggest motorboat museum, which also contains a model and toy hall with thousands of cars trains, children's books and present toys.

In the boat hall you will find unique motorized pleasure boats, marine engines, etc. from 1900 onwards. In the toy hall are over 5000 model / toy cars and a globally unique 40 sqm old model of large scale of 0 (zero) from 1910 onwards. Children book's history, present toys (eg Lego & McDonald's) and several play areas favored by all children.

Café & Restaurant swallow the Museihuset serves lunch, sandwiches, waffles and pastries.

Phone: +46 (0) 771-505060.

Number of indoor seats is 45 pieces. and outdoor 20 pcs. Disabled Access. Groups can be received.

Open 2015: May 1-June 18. 9 am - 6 pm, June 19 (Midsummer) closed June 20 to August 9: 9 am - 8 pm, 10 August-30 September: 9 am - 6 pm.

Prices 2015: Adults SEK 80, seniors and students 60 SEK, children 7-16 years 30 SEK, children under 7 free. Family: 2 parents, 2 children 160 SEK.

Group tours can be ordered at  +46 (0)70-424 78 01.

Östergötlands museum

The museum features a variety of cultural treasures of all kinds. One of the treasures is a painting depicting Adam and Eve, by the German artist Lucas Cranach the Elder. When the painting came to the museum after an auction in the late 1800s had been hanging on an outhouse in Sjögestad. The museum's cultural exhibition includes skeletons of Bergsrondellen and the PC historical exhibition Digital dreams about the Internet's emergence, the gaming industry and the computer in art. Moreover there are always different exhibitions with various themes such as contemporary art, fashion and design, photography and current social issues.