S:t Lars församling
 S:t Lars församling

S:t Lars kyrka

St Lars Church is right in the middle of Linköping, on the corner of Storgatan and St Larsgatan. It is a classic 19th-century church with a somewhat unique bell tower that chimes pleasantly three times a day. Inside the church, you immediately notice the lack of a traditional altar painting. Instead it has a chancel wall of marble that surrounds almost the entire sanctuary.

The previous altar paintings (two of them), painted by Pehr Hörberg, are now placed over the north and south doors. Just inside the vestibule is a small room called Bildrummet (the Picture Room), where artists can exhibit their works for a month. The Picture Room is also the natural place for church coffee, if the group isn't too big. At the end of the church is a small chapel with the old baptismal font and a little altar for morning and evening prayers.

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S:t Larsgatan