Bjäsäters Kvarn

Bjäsäters Mill in Stjärnorp mill is a mill of turbine operation. At the mill there is also a forge, a mill stables,an agricultural museum and a herb garden.
Datamuseet IT-ceum

Datamuseet IT-ceum

Welcome to IT-ceum, the Swedish Computer Museum. Our exhibit presents the central events in Sweden´s computer history.
En pojke och flicka vid exprimentstation


Learn to understand everyday phenomena such as optics, the human body and electricity by experimenting on your own!

Kanalmuseet i Brokind

In a small outbuilding at the Brokind lock, the association Kinda Kanals Vänner and Kanalbolaget compiled the tools from the construction of the canal, as well as photographs, drawings and sketches.

Linköpings Slotts- & Domkyrkomuseum

An exciting Medieval Museum in central Linköping. The museum describes the castle and Linköping Cathedral development from the 1100s up until the Renaissance.